If I die young,
Without publishing a single book,
Without seeing what my verse looks like in print,
In case you should feel like worrying about me
Please don´t.
If that´s the way it happened, it´s right that way.

Even if my verse is never printed,
It will have a beauty of its own, so far as it´s beautiful.
But it can not be beautiful and remain unprinted,
Because though the roots may be underground,
The flowers bloom in the open, in full view.
It must be so, perforce. Nothing can prevent it.

If i die very young, let me tell you this:
I was never more than a child at play.
I was as pagan as sun and water,
With a universal religion unknown to man alone.
I was happy because I asked for nothing,
Nor tried to find anything,
Nor found there was any more explanation for things
Than that the word `explanation´ is meaningless.

All I wanted was to be in sunshine or rain -
In sunshine when the sun shone
And in rain when it was raining
(And never in anything else),
To feel the heat, the cold, the wind,
And go no further.


Alberto Caeiro, 7-11-1915

in Fernando Pessoa / Selected Poems
Edinburgh Bilingual Library (4)
Edited and Translated by Peter Rickard
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Edinburgh University Press (1971)

Não morre, para si próprio nem para nós, o que viveu para a ideia e pela
ideia, não é mais existente, para o que se soube desprender da ilusão, o
que lhe fere os ouvidos e os olhos do que o puro entender que apenas se lhe
apresenta em pensamento; e tanto mais alto subiremos quando menos
considerarmos a morte como um enigma ou um fantasma quanto mais a olharmos
como uma forma entre as formas.

Agostinho da Silva, in Textos e Ensaios Filosóficos I