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Infrastructures of DOP/UAš include:

- main building (800 m2)
- secondary two floors building (200 m2)
- three one floor wood pavilions (600 m2)
- several warehouses (100 m2).

The main building incorporates:

- the Direction and the Administrative and Accountancy services
- the rooms of Computing, Fisheries Statistics, Library and Documentation and Scientific Diving
- the Laboratory of Marine Ecology and Biodiversity and the Laboratory of Optics and Ageing
- several administrative and research offices.

The secondary building incorporates:

- the Laboratory of Instrumentation and Calibration, and the Laboratory of Fisheries Resources
- the Oceanography Section offices
- the Oceanographic Monitoring and Modelling Laboratory.

The first wood pavilion incorporates:

- the Nucleus of Image and Multimedia (ImagDOP)
- several research offices.

The second wood pavilion incorporates:

- the Chemistry Section offices
- the Chemistry Laboratories.

The third wood pavilion incorporates:

- the students office room
- the Laboratory of Histology and Genetics
- several research and technical offices
- the research ships administrative and command office.

The warehouses, located in an old whaling factory at Porto Pim bay, incorporate:

- the Laboratory of Aquaculture and Ethology
- the collection of preserved marine specimens.

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