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The construction of the Littoral Vessel ÁGUAS VIVAS was supported by the EEC and the Regional Government of the Azores under the POSEIMA/PESCAS program. The launch is at the service of the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of the Azores (DOP/UAç) since 1995 and has been extensively used mostly for coastal work all around the Azores.

This vessel was built by the Polyships in Vigo (Spain) and was designed by the DOP/UAç in view to conduct research on coastal ecosystems in various scientific domains. Main advantages of this launch are: its versatility and easy operation in any location within the Archipelago of the Azores.

The vessel is characterized by a central super-structure, with one exterior corridor along all its perimeter for easy access within any area of the boat; an interior deck area divided into two (bridge and meeting room) and an open area. The bridge equipment includes: a radar, an Echo Sounder, VHF, GPS and a computer. The meeting area includes one table and 4 bunks. In the open area there are two tanks for the conservation of live organisms, one wrench with capacity for executing pelagic dragging, two automatic fishing machines, a compartment to keep the nets and weights, two automatic capstans and one door astern for divers entrance and exit to and from the water. There are 3 types of electric current aboard: 12 Vcc; 24 Vcc; and 220 Vca.

The maximum number of people allowed in this vessel is 8 (including the skipper and one sailor, both required for normal ship’s manoeuvre). A maximum of four people can sleep on board in comfortable conditions. The safety equipment includes: one life-boat, eight life-saver jackets, two life-buoys, ten very-lights, five hand torches, one first aid kit and one oxygen kit.

Length o.a.
Length b.p.
Breadth m.l.d.
Height to main deck
11 m
9.17 m
3.60 m
0.84 m

Yanmar diesel 2 x 154 HP

Gross tonnage
Fuel tanks
Live bait tanks
Fresh water tank
Free deck space
10.46 TAB
2 x 300 l
2 x 200 l
100 l
4 m²

Cruising speed
Maximum speed
200 miles
11 knots
20 knots

(berths available for two only)

The L/V Águas-Vivas is coordinated by the IMAR - Institute of Marine Research, namely the Centre of IMAR of the University of the Azores.

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