Projects with Regional Funding
(from 1996 and forward)

Projecto pequenos pelágicos.
Plan of Management of the Coastal Area of Feteiras - Fenais da Luz (Ponta Delgada district) and Calhetas - Lomba de São Pedro (Ribeira Grande district). POOC São Miguel - North Coast.
Analysis of mercury in canned fish.
COLETA - Organization of the taxonomic collection of DOP.
CRUSTAÇO - Experimental fishing of deep-sea crustaceans of the Azores.
Impact of whale watching activities on cetacean populations: assessment and regulations.
MAREDA - Yearly assessment of relative abundances of demersal species in the Azores.
OSPARAçores - Numerical simulation of potential disperson of marine pollution in the Azores Region. Contribution to the quality report QSR2000 in the Azores Region.
RIVA - Management of inshore resources of the Azores.
TURISUB - Studies for the development of underwater tourism of the Azores.

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