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Image and Multimedia Nucleus (ImagDOP)

The marine image of the Azores

The image nucleus (ImagDOP) at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries at the University of the Azores (DOP/UAš) was established in March 1996. This nucleus conducts development, management, promotion and distribution of imagery within the DOP/UAš and with cooperating entities. Imagery data is either gathered among contributors and/or directly collected by DOP/UAš staff.

In the first case, there are available three video cameras, three underwater and six regular photographic cameras, waterproof cases for photographic and video equipment, and several other accessories.

In the second case, ImagDOP has a total of sixty hours of underwater films, 10 thousand slides and scientific illustrations of all marine species known in the Azores. Seven thousand of these slides were obtained underwater, while the remaining three thousand were taken above water and in nearshore regions. This database probably constitutes the largest marine slide collection available for the Azores.

The ImagDOP has several contributors that share their work with us for scientific or contractual reasons. They are divided in three groups according to the support of their contribution: Photography; Video; Drawing.

A software system developed by ImagDOP selects images by taxonomy, chronology and qualitative variables. The image database is partially available in the internet.

Main equipment includes: 9 Reflex cameras, 3 of which exclusively used in underwater photography; 2 digital cameras; 3 V8 and 1 mini digital video film cameras; 3 video waterproof boxes; 1 video projector 1250 Lumens; 1 DAT recorder; 7 binoculars and 3 telescopes.

For more information please contact the research fellow in charge Frederico Cardigos (

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