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Library and Documentation "Prof. Doutor José Ávila Martins"
The Library and Documentation Nucleus, recently named after "Prof. Doutor José Ávila Martins", the late Director of DOP/UAç, has - ca. 3,000 books and 480 scientific journals and magazines titles, which are obtained either from subscriptions, exchange with the bulletin of the University of the Azores, IAMSLIC / EURASLIC duplicates exchange and/or offers; thousands of papers, which are being joined in a over 12,000 references database; several CD-ROM's (e.g. ASFA - Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Sciences); microfiches; maps.

It is essentially directed towards research, teaching, Ph.D., master and undergraduate studies on marine biology and ecology, fisheries evaluation and management, ecotoxicology and oceanography.

It may soon offer free (under permission) access to library databases (books, periodicals, papers, contributions).


Arquipélago - Life and Marine Sciences (Bulletin of the University of the Azores) (ISSN 0870-6581), editor Helen Rost Martins (

- DOP Archives (Arquivos do DOP):

Studies Series (ISSN 0873-285X)
Cruise Series (ISSN 0873-2876)
Statistics Series (ISSN 0873-2868)
Documentation Series (ISSN 0873-2884)
Internal Reports Series (ISSN 0873-2841), editor Helena Azevedo Isidro (

For more information please contact the research assistant in charge Helena Isidro ( and/or the auxiliary librarian Alierta Pereira (

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