Oceanographic Monitoring and Modelling Laboratory
This laboratory was created inside the Oceanography Section (OS) and sponsors all research activities of the OS members that includes ocean numerical modelling and regular monitoring. Major activities include process studies and numerical forecasting of Ocean Dynamics through regular assimilation and initialization into Primitive Equation and Shallow Water Models. Main dynamics and Ocean tide and wind dynamics in several Azores Islands and submarine bank locations.
Major goals are to understand and predict Ecosystem and Global Climate Change dynamics.
This laboratory is equipped with several Digital Alpha Workstations, PC's and complementary peripheral devices (colour printers, optical devices, storage units). All these equipment is connected through a Fast Ethernet Link (10-100 Mbits). Monitoring is achieved through the POSAR / POSAF equipment.

For more information please contact the chief scientist in charge Ana Martins (anamartins@notes.horta.uac.pt).

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