Teaching at DOP/UAš

Teaching activities at DOP/UAš are mostly connected with graduation ("licenciatura") and post-graduation (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) research theses by students from a large set of Portuguese Universities (e.g. University of the Azores / Dep. of Biology and Dep. of Agricultural Sciences; University of Oporto / ICBAS; University of Lisbon / Faculty of Sciences; University of Algarve / UCTRA; University of Coimbra). A list of theses concluded and in progress can be found at Dissertations.

Researchers and lecturers co-operate with other departments of the University of the Azores, lecturing in graduate courses of the Dep. of Biology, Dep. Agricultural Sciences and Dep. of Sciences and Technology.

In October 1998 DOP/UAš will receive the 4th year students of the recently created Marine Biology Course of the Department of Biology of the University of the Azores.

The subjects to be lectured are:

  • Biological oceanography I and II
  • Population dynamics and assessment of marine resources
  • Halieuthic resources I and II
  • Chemical and physical oceanography
  • Marine ethology
  • Fishing techniques
  • An estimated number of 15 resident students is expected.

    A two years M.Sc. course in Marine Biological Science is now being prepared to be implemented in a couple of years.

    A higher involvement in Ph.D. theses and Post-Doc projects is planned for the future.

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